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Back To Baseball - Several League Games Starting This Week

July 6, 2020

Hello AYB Families and Friends,

After a long wait and a lot of patience, we are ready to begin the AYB season tonight! I know everyone is excited. It has been great seeing all the kids at the field again. I hope they are enjoying their time with their friends and playing the game. I am sure they are ready to get games started as much as the rest of us!

Before I get into the main part of this message, I want to thank all of you for adhering to the rules AYB and the Village agreed on. I know it isn't easy to drop your kids off at the field and not walk them in. Like all of you, I miss the sounds of the ballpark, the smell of hotdogs cooking, and seeing our kids up close playing baseball. All of those things will return to Ashwaubomay someday. Until then, we will focus on the things we can control – giving our kids a chance to get some outdoor activity and see their friends for a couple of hours each week.

With the return to games this week, I want to reiterate our guidelines and ask for your help following them. Here are the main points of focus for the season:

  • We will continue our same point of entry to the fields, the main gate between Field 2 and Field 3. We will also continue to exit through the gate of Fields 3 and 4.
  • If your son feels sick at all, we ask that for the good of the AYB community, they stay home that day. Same for family members – if you are not feeling well, please do not attend the games.
  • Spectators are NOT allowed in the stands – you may sit in your own chairs or stand from the end of the dugouts all the way to the outfield. Please do not enter the stands area. The pavilion is outside of the restricted area and you may sit there. But to get to all of these points, I ask that you walk directly to these spots and not stand or sit in the stands at all. The stands will be used by players and coaches only.
  • Concessions are closed. It is going to be HOT outside! Please pack plenty of water for your sons! There will be no water at all available at the park.
  • Bathrooms are open, but will not be cleaned during game times. I ask that they only be used in case of emergency.
  • Please try to limit attendance at the fields and keep all children close to you. We ask that you socially distance from other families. We recommend wearing a mask at the park.
  • Umpires have a tough job this year. Please treat them with respect and thank them when you see them.
  • Please find your son and immediately exit the facility when the games are finished. We want to keep attendance down as much as we possibly can.

I appreciate your attention to this and all of your help. We can do this, but we can only do this together! It's been a long time ... but let's play ball!

Jason Fonder
AYB President