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Running a successful youth baseball program requires help. AYB relies on volunteers year-round so we can offer youth baseball in Ashwaubenon.

If you are interested in helping, we would love to hear from you! Please if you have questions or if you would like to join our team!

Open Volunteer Positions

Position Description Status
Commissioner The League Commissioner helps steer AYB forward by working with other board members, volunteers, parents and participants to continually improve our organization. The commissioner may be asked to help resolve conflicts when they arise or step in when something is not running as it should.

Opening Fall 2019

Vice President The Vice President helps the Commissioner with his or her tasks and is involved with many, if not all, conversations and decisions. The goal of the Vice President position is to grow into the roll of Commissioner so this is mainly a training role. Often the Commissioner and Vice President split responsibilities in a way that works for both. Open
League Presidents There is a League President position for each league including T-Ball, Single A, Double A, Triple A, Babe Ruth and Legion. League Presidents help make decisions on rules and scheduling for their league, including making the final call on game cancellations, if not already determined by the Commissioner. They also help run drafts for their league, are a point of contact for team coaches when questions arise throughout the season and handle any disputes between teams in their league. T-Ball Open
Scheduling Coordinator This person is responsible for generating schedules for league practices, scrimmages and games for the season as well as coordinating the end-of-year tournament brackets. Open
Maintenance Coordinator The Maintenance Coordinator helps manage fields and facilities for league games and tournaments. Responsibilities for this position depend on current needs. Open
Tournament Director The Tournament Director organizes and manages our invitational tournaments hosted at Ashwaubomay. This involves working with AYB Tournament Team coaches to learn what tournaments we should run along with organizational tasks for tournaments. The tournament director will also organize and register teams to play in our tournaments and help other team coaches with registration and general questions about our tournaments. He/she will also help promote our tournaments. Opening Fall/Winter 2019
Weekend Tournament Manager Working with the Tournament Director, the tournament manager will be available while our home tournaments are running, to assist with updating brackets and helping coaches with any questions or concerns. Open
Secretary Responsibilities for this position include: attending board meetings, sending out notifications to board members, writing the minutes and sending the minutes to the Communications Coordinator to be posted online. A secretary will also assist with other organizational requests throughout the year. Open

Filled Volunteer Positions

Position Description Status
Registration Coordinator The Registration Coordinator helps manage league and tournament team registrations. This includes setting up registration on our website and answering questions from parents throughout the season. The Registration Coordinator works closely with the Communications Coordinator to manage support requests throughout the year. Filled
Concessions Coordinator The Concessions Coordinator helps manage concessions throughout the season for league nights and tournament weekends. This includes managing inventory as well as managing and tracking parent volunteer obligations. Filled
Equipment Manager The Equipment Manager manages and distributes equipment for teams throughout the year. This includes setting up lockers for each team and also helping with league and tournament team equipment and uniform needs. Filled
Communications Coordinator The Communications Coordinator manages the organization’s website. This includes general content updates, as well as assisting with schedule setup, roster modifications, and cancellation notices. This person also writes and sends out email and social media communications. He/she is also asked to help assist with contact and support requests that come in through the website contact form. Filled
Treasurer The Treasurer handles the organization's finances. He/she is responsible for reporting at each board meeting the state of the finances of the organization, as well paying bills, depositing money and processing reimbursements. Filled
Umpire Coordinator The Umpire Coordinator contacts and schedules umpires for league games and any hosted tournaments. Filled
Fundraising Coordinator The Fundraising Coordinator helps raise funds for the organization by brainstorming and managing all fundraising campaigns during the season. This can include in-season player fundraisers and potential off-season events, along with revenue generators such as apparel sales. Filled